Yossi Atuar, Diamond Designer, second generation in the diamond industry, started his way in the field back in 1983. Atuar learned and practiced round brilliant diamond cutting, diamond cleaving and fancy shapes diamond cutting.

Early on in his work he concluded that traditional shapes leave something to be desired. after years of practice, he began searching for ways to realize this potential in practical manners. in the beginning he used hand sketches and practiced them thru trial and error. in the mid nineties he was introduced to a computer program called GemCad and finally had the ability to design diamonds in a computerized environment.

After an intensive year of striving to develop computerized and physical tools he successfully implemented his ideas in practice, which eventually lead to the idea of Cutdesign, Diamond Design. simultaneously to offering Cutdesign and diamond design services, he constantly strives on R&D for new tools which better suite his methods and ideas. these days he uses Sarin systems to evaluate weight, and Ray Trace and Global Illumination to evaluate optics.

The concept behind Cutdesign gathers momentum and at Atuar's diamond designer studio, diamonds are being designed on a daily bases, both in search for new shapes and/or improved optics.